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In view of the alarm situation and given that we cannot process digital certificates, the Town Hall of El Verger reminds us that from the Spanish Government we can process the cl@ve pin.
What is pin cl@ve?
It is a way to carry out procedures online which is valid for a limited period of time and which can be updated any time we need it. This electronic identification system is based on the use of a key chosen by the username and a PIN sent via SMS.
Obtain your pin cl@ve
Upon registration, we need to obtain a PIN Cl@ve to access the procedures.


L’Ajuntament del Verger recorda que (SEMPRE QUE ES DISPOSE D’UN CERTIFICAT DIGITAL) en la seu electrònica https://elverger.sedelectronica.es/, dins del catàleg de tràmits, es troba el procediment de Sol·licitud de Certificat o Volant d’Empadronament (TRAMITACIÓ ELECTRÒNICA).
En l’apartat “Exposa”, s’indicarà que el certificat és per a demanar la moratòria de la hipoteca i serà  en l’apartat “Tipus” on s’haurà d’elegir certificat de convivència.

Segons nota de la Comissió Permanent del Consell d’Empadronament en sessió telemàtica de 31 de març, relativa a la tramitació de certificats d’empadronament o de convivència per a sol·licitar la moratoria en el pagament de quotes hipotecaries, exposa:
“S’estan plantejant situacions en què els habitants no disposen dels sistemes d’identificació i signatura electrònica previstos en els art. 9 i 10 de la Llei 39/2015, d’1 d’octubre, del procediment administratiu Comú de les Administracions Públiques, per realitzar la sol·licitud de l’certificat en línia, de manera que atenent a les excepcionals circumstàncies creades per la declaració de l’estat d’alarma, una possible solució serà”:

Enviar un correu electrònic a informacio@elverger.es amb la següent documentació:
– Còpia del document nacional d’identitat del sol·licitant.
– Si el certificat que es sol·licita es colectiu s’haurà d’enviar còpies dels documents acreditatius d’identitat de tots els empadronats en el domicili. Per als menors d’edat que no disposen del dni s’haurà d’aportar còpia del certificat de naixement o del llibre de familia.
– Escrit firmat pel sol·licitant indicant: Nom i cognoms, adreça d’empadronament en el municipi, el nom i cognoms de la resta d’empadronats en el domicili si es per a certificats col·lectius, adreça de correu electrònic, motiu de la sol·licitud i telèfon de contacte.
– En el cas de certificats colectius, un escrit firmat per totes les persones majors d’edat empadronades en el domicili autoritzant al sol·licitant del certificat.

Les persones interessades a realitzar aquest tràmit poden contactar en cas de dubtes al telèfon en el 965750125 o per correu electrònic en informacio@elverger.es .



The City Council of El Verger has already opened the call for the El Verger Literary Awards, a cultural initiative that includes the XI Short Story Awards “Mestre Tomàs Espí”, as well as the IV Vicent Carrió Poetry Awards. A new edition of this consolidated literary contest that will continue to recognize the best works presented in short narrative and poetry in Valencian both in the adult category – over 18 years old – and in the youth category – between 8 and 17 years old – as well as promoting local talent through the adult local category (over 18 and registered in the municipality of El Verger). It is worth noting the increase in the allocation of the award in adult and local categories, which amounts to € 300 in this edition.
This was stated by Miguel Pou, Councilor for Culture of the City Council of El Verger and coordinator of the awards, at the press conference held at the headquarters of MACMA, an entity that collaborates since the first editions as a jury and also with the award to the youth category, which will consist of a batch of books edited by the Cultural Commonwealth. On the other hand, the manager of the MACMA, Jovi Seser, has valued very positively the new design and image of the awards, as well as their increased importance within the map of literary calls of the region.
Regarding the complete bases of the prize, these can be consulted on the website specially prepared for the contest (www.premisliterariselverger.com), which indicates the requirements of the works to be submitted, works that can be submitted in print or by email to the address indicated. It should be noted that the deadline to submit the works will be next May 15, 2020 at 3:00 p.m.
2The Department of Culture will announce the verdict of the awards to all participants on June 19, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in an event that will take place at the “Torre dels Ducs de Medinaceli”. It will also be announced through its publication, in the Edict Board of the El Verger City Hall.


“Cáritas Parroquial” in collaboration with the El Verger City Council is providing food to the neediest people and families. The supply will be assured in these times of confinement.
To request the service you can call the following number: 619211756.


The Municipal Library reminds users that they can continue to use its services and continue to enjoy reading, despite the state of alarm and the closing of the Municipal Library to the public.
Thanks to the electronic book loan platform “eBiblio Comunidad Valenciana”, all those who are users of the Electronic Network for Public Reading Valenciana can access the loan of electronic books.  For this, it is necessary to have an email on the library registration form.
Those interested in solving doubts, accessing the password change or registering in this service, can contact the person in charge of the Library, by phone 965751191 (from 10 am to 1 pm) or by email at the biblioteca@elverger.es.

What is eBiblio?

eBiblio Comunidad Valenciana is a service of the Valenciana Public Reading Electronic Network (NLPV) that makes it possible to read electronic books through the Internet.
eBiblio Comunidad Valenciana makes a technological platform available to citizens, which allows them to access the catalog and provide the main editorial novelties in digital format, so that they can be read on different devices: touch tablets, smartphones, personal computers or electronic book readers (e-readers).
The service is available at the following address: http://comunitatvalenciana.ebiblio.es

All users with a book loan are reminded that all return dates have been automatically renewed until the end of the alarm state.

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