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Tax regulations
 Garbage and rubbish collection196 Kb
 188 Kb
 Administrative documents514 Kb
 Fords184 Kb
 Nursery School188 Kb
 Tax real estate (IBI) (modified 2020)180 Kb
 Tax facilities, buildings and works (ICIO)176 Kb
 Vehicle Taxa (IVTM)184 Kb
 Ocupació de via pública192 Kb
 Plusvalies184 Kb
 Sports Facilities180 Kb
 Removal of vehicles184 Kb
 Sewage184 Kb
 Drinking Water tax151 Kb
 Taxis476 Kb
 Tràfic Bylaw226 Kb
  Adaptation planning Canon CN-332110 Kb
  Installation of gallows occasion of the celebrations of the 156th Street Bulls156 Kb
 Public Price of Civil Marriage133 Kb
 Using local municipal146 Kb
Regulatory ordinances
 Fences 56 Kb
 Good governance and coexistence.  Ownership and protection of pets and potentially dangerous 184 Kb
 Protection against noise and vibration484 Kb
 Urban cleaning12 Kb
 Advertising mailboxes89 Kb
 Creation of municipal register of Neighborhood Associations1,69 Mb
 Rehabilitation facades150 Kb
 Ordinance regulating municipal sports schools 1,48 Mb
 Regulatory Ordinance for the authorization of licenses and planning activities1,07 Mb
 Regulatory: Sports Facilities228 Kb
 Regulation municipal registry unions made167 Kb
 Regulation Urban Gardens57 Kb
 Trail245 Kb
 Bylaw regulating the operated for air conditioning in the facades of buildings59 Kb
 Bylaw regulating the rural environment in the municipality of El Verger168 Kb
 Bylaw regulating the service of the municipal cemetery of El Verger 244 Kb
 Bylaw regulating clean point78 Kb
 Regulating parking and public spaces reserves for people with disabilities and reduced mobility   297 Kb
 Regulation of the job boards227 Kb
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