96 575 01 25 - Carrer Cervantes, 10, 03770 El Verger, Alicante informacio@elverger.es


Merchant Portal


Location: Agència de Desenvolupament (ADL) C/ Cervantes,

10 03770 El Verger

Schedule: 9:00 a 14:00

Phone: 966439551

Fax: 965750872

Email: adl@elverger.es

The Agency for the Promotion of Innovation Commercial (AFIC) is assigned to the Ministry of Economic Development of the City of El Verger. Its aim is to promote the modernization and management of local commerce, serving as a link between local businesses and the government, both regional and local.

The basic functions are:

Information and advice on business activity entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.
Support and collaboration with business associations.
Management and control of subsidies on trade matters.
Programs and activities to promote commercial animation.
Participate in studies on local businesses and provide technical assistance to other municipal departments.

More than 350 places all weekend by offering wide range of products, from antiques and second hand to new articles; as clothing, jewelry, household items, plants, including fresh produce supply. You can have breakfast on the terraces of bars and trail the Polygon.

Furthermore you will enjoy various monthly events and activities such as live music, performances and / or activities for children.

Enjoy the greatest sign of the region!


Avda. Valencia (Industrial)

All Sunday from 9.00 a 14.00

Tel. 966439551 (food stalls) Tel. 672179309 (others stalls)

Local Development Agency


10 03770 El Verger

Schedule: 9:00 a 14:00

Phone: 966439551

Fax: 965750872

Email: adl@elverger.es

Commerce Association El Verger

Location: CREAMA C/ Cervantes, 10 03770 El Verger

Schedule: Monday to Friday at 9:00 a 14:00

Phone: 966439551

email: adl@elverger.es

The Local Development Agency advise people who want to create a new business or company; seek ways of financing investment through public aid or private; manage European funds to promote new jobs and meet all groups needs; give training to promote social and professional integration; LABORA offer services like the Associated Center to bring the public administration; and encourage the creation of new job opportunities to more people.

The agency is an instrument at the service of all citizens to promote economic and employment promotion in our town. Here you can:

  • Receive personalized advice for starting your business.
  • Improve your vocational (occupational or continuous).
  • Improving Pit your chances of entering the labor market, receiving individualized guidance.
  • Receive information about grants, grants, jobs, etc.

AUTOSERVEF also have boxes where you can access the following services:

  • Renew the demand for employment.
  • Consult offers in d¡ocupació diffusion.
  • Obtain letters of presentation and citation.
  • Register as a possible candidate in the offers that interest you.
  • Consult data from your CV.
  • Indicate the type of courses they would like to perform.
  • Print certificates: registration, job requested, demand situations, etc.
  • Obtaining the result of a preselection (in my offers)

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