Tourist Info El Verger
Tourist Info El Verger

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Carrer Cervantes, 10

03770 El Verger, Alicante

Telf: 966 43 95 51


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El Verger

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The Poble del Verger is located in the occupying part of the Girona river delta. This characteristic ensures that the child remains rich in nutrients and aigua amb citrus and hortalisses are good favorites.

Our History

In order to know the origins of the Verger we are going to reconsider from the references, at the same time that we can find documents and books. And let’s just say that there are not many historical references that refer to the municipality. The only study that exists on the historical evolution of the Verger, which explicitly refers to it in its title, is carried out by Antoni F. Grau Escrituela Domini and property of the Marina Alta. Dénia, Xàbia and El Verger, XV-XIX centuries. Unfortunately, documents on properties, demographics and relevant facts were perverted to the fire that took place in the Verger Church in the century …