Improving everyday

From the Department of Environment Verger, aims to improve the environmental quality of the municipality to improve the quality of life of our residents and visitors. To obtain this objective should not only incorporate environmental municipal management, we all partcipar.

We need to take conscience of the importance of recycling manure.


  • The Council of Verger has signed a collaboration agreement with the company “SA Food Waste” (Cenresa) for the collection and processing of cooking oil into biodiesel. To facilitate the collection, Cenresa suministrarà catering establishments tanks for waste oils, and will arrange to collect them for its transformation into biodiesel. The City Council put the bins and car parks of supermarkets Consumer Más y Más for citizens to take the oil.
  • The ink cartridge can be thrown into a cardboard container that is in the City called Reciclayuda.
  • For used batteries there are containers in the Town Hall, the school and jewelries.
  • Clothes and shoes are worn at the end of a container C / Sant Lluís. This container it belongs to an NGO, so please involvement of the municipality.

Citizens are reminded that we are on schedule to throw at 21:00 h and the collected junk will take place on Monday night (notice at the Town Hall).

“Campaign “Recycle good reward you”

The Council of Verger turn the recycling campaign “Recycle good reward you” to promote the improvement of selective waste collection and to facilitate the recycling of household waste.

Citizens in their everyday life, both in homes and in stores, generates lots of different types of waste. A standard domestic garbage bag consists of: organic matter: 37%; paper and cardboard: 21%; plastic: 16%; glass: 7%; others: 19%. It is very important to know what the waste generated on how to treat them and to increase the use of what is discarded, in order to have the least impact on the environment.

Many materials that are thrown in the trash can be reused: it can be recycled. This means savings of raw materials and energy, as well as a decrease in the amount of garbage and greater environmental protection.

The collection is the key to solving part of the problem generated waste and both households and establishments Granollers, have a role in the separation of waste generated in the city and, therefore, improving the environment.

Verger in the streets there to collect containers, paper and cardboard, light packaging, glass, waste, oil and clothing. In the next chart you can see the amount of waste generated by each village Verger.

2,074,568.00  34,560.00  56,200.00 95,000.00  8,003.00
91.46%  1.52%  2.48%  4.19%  0.35%

The recycling percentage of each waste is very low compared to the percentage of waste that takes each bag of manure and percentage of selective collection of neighboring towns. Instead we have a collection rates lower solid waste in the province.

We have only been able to recycle waste 8:56% of our respect and if we consider that we have to reach 50% by 2020, we have a great task to perform.

The Council is aware that this simple everyday action of separating waste at source, in our homes, it becomes a difficult task for some residents in several areas of difficult access. For this reason has promoted the introduction of new areas of containers.

Firstly, the reasons for the importance of recycling current activity could be the following: economic reasons, saving raw materials, energy saving, reducing the volume of waste.

With this campaign, the City Council wants to raise awareness about the importance of recycling to the environment and to ensure that Orchard be a clean space, friendly and comfortable.

The Council is aware that this simple everyday action of separating waste at source, in our homes, it becomes a difficult task for some residents in several areas of difficult access. For this reason has promoted the introduction of new areas of containers.

To report these developments, the Council held a media campaign to reinforce the information on the separation of light packaging cardboard and paper at home.

The start of the campaign was on 6 June. It began in the Public School Segaria with the workshop “RECYCLE WITH the five senses” intended for elementary school students, and a laughter therapy workshop for senior adults. Continue with a video / workshop with younger students, an awareness campaign on social networking sites and then will be various informative activities.

Objectives of the campaign:

1- Best-first recycling at source: recycle more and better and facilitates subsequent treatment and recycling of our waste.

2-Improving public spaces: the removal of container on public roads, as well as being an action for urban aesthetics, provides more space allocated to the public for other uses.

3-Improving the environment: avoid odors and the maintenance and cleaning of the containers in the street.

4- Economic benefits for the Council itself and subsequent impact on the rate to be charged to citizens. If we recycle well, reward yourself.

The Council also takes advantage of this opportunity to remind them of waste collection mechanisms.

-Garbage: Container green. The collection service is daily except Sunday.
Citizens are reminded that we are on schedule to pull from 21:00 h.

-light packaging: You keep depositing it in bins in yellow.

-paperboard and paper: You keep depositing it in the blue containers.

-Bulky pakage and junk The junk collected will be held on Tuesday morning This free service runs from 7: 30h and must be requested beforehand by calling the City at telephone 96.575.01.25.

-Glass: You keep depositing it in green bins.

-Used-oil: It will be deposited in the special containers. The containers are located in the St. Louis Streets, Gabriel Miró, and Doctor Fleming Avenue pharmacist.

-clothing: It will be deposited in the special containers. The containers are located in the St. Louis Streets, Doctor Fleming Plaza and Jaume I Avenue. Valencia (Parking consumption).

-Batteries, fluorescent tubes and light bulbs: In the hall of the City

-Medicines: It will point the applicant SIGRE pharmacies located in the village.

Remember also that the Service Point Blanc is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10: 30h until 13:45.