Political groups

Josep Basili Salort Bertomeu
Alba Pérez Román
Sergio Brogniez Malonda
Cristina Escortell Mariñes

Hilario Catalá Poquet
María Teresa Pérez Ribot
Dora Sidonia Marina

Juan José Chover Blasco
Remedios Fructuoso Navarro

Adela Moncho Mengual
Miguel Sala Mata

Government Team

  • Mayor, Human Resources, Works and Services, Parks and Gardens:
    Josep Basili Salort Bertomeu (Compromís pel Verger)
  • First Deputy Mayor, Finance and Spokesperson for the PSPV-PSOE:
    Juan José Chover Blasco (PSOE)
  • Second Deputy Mayor, Social Services and Health, Equality and Inclusive Policies, Youth and Senior Citizens, Spokesperson for the Compromis pel Verger:
    Alba Pérez Román (Compromís pel Verger)
  • Councilor of Culture and Festivities, Sports and Education, Transparency, Environment:
    Sergio Brogniez Malonda (Compromís pel Verger)
  • Councilor of Commerce, Economic Promotion and Employment Promotion, Agriculture:
    Cristina Escortell Mariñes (Compromís pel Verger)
  • Councilor for Town Planning, Tourism, Heritage and Climate Emergencies:
    Remedios Fructuoso Navarro (PSOE)
  • Councilor and Spokesperson for VOX:
    Hilario Catalá Poquet
  • Councilor of VOX:
  • María Teresa Pérez Ribot
  • Councilor of VOX:
    Dora Sidonia Marina
  • Councilor and spokesperson of PP:
    Adela María Moncho Mengual
  • Councilor of PP:
    Miguel Sala Mata