This statement comes from the Electronic Certification and Technology Agency:

The state decree of alarm regulates, as is well known, the free movement of citizens. It is forbidden to travel for any matter other than work, health care or matters that have to do with basic needs such as food. Even the appointments to obtain the DNI have been canceled. Therefore, we understand that circulating to obtain the digital certificate is not one of the permitted activities, removing those that are considered “force majeure or situation of need”.
However, our services continue to operate at full capacity. This means that any citizen will be able to obtain an ACCV certificate, through d’APSC (online), using their e-ID. Also that all the services that are provided online are still active, such as the download of imported representative certificates on file, or the download of non-personal certificates (Headquarters, Seal, application …).
If a case of force majeure arises, we advise the user to contact the body responsible for the procedure that they want to do to find solutions. Given the circumstances, we do not believe that anyone can be forced to obtain a certificate if circulation is not planned for that.

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