The last Extraordinary Plenary Session on June 22nd, the Municipal Corporation of the El Verger Town Hall unanimously approved a 118,000 euro aid package for businesses, SMEs and the self-employed.
This aid is intended to cover all those businesses that have not been able to access other aid. Thus, the purpose is based on covering the largest number of affected from the municipal sphere.
Thus, these subsidies are designed for companies that have experienced a decrease in income of 50% or more since the declaration of the state of alarm. That is why we have approved some bases that are on the website of the City Council. These grants can be requested from the day 01/10/2020 with a deadline of 20 days.
The amount is divided into two sections: those companies or self-employed who have been reduced their income by more than 50%, will amount to 400 euros, while this amount will be increased by 26.5% to 505 euros, for those who have been reduced between 75% and 100%.
On the other hand, a new line of aid has been planned for the autumn in case it was necessary due to a change in health circumstances.
This line is the result of the consensus of the three parties that are part of the Municipal Plenary, and it is our will to work not to leave anyone behind by this pandemic *.

Regulatory bases in economic and social matters in the face of the serious situation of local commerce, businesses and self-employment in the municipality of El Verger, as a result of the covid-19 pandemic.

Program of actions in this pandemic.


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