What is it and what is it for?
The aim of this call for applications is to promote entrepreneurship in the Valencia Region by awarding grants to unemployed people who, meeting the above requirements, set up as self-employed or self-employed workers in innovative projects.
Beneficiaries: Unemployed people registered as job seekers in Labora, who establish themselves as self-employed or freelance workers and meet the following requirements:
1. To have a business plan for the activity to be carried out, including its organisation, necessary resources, financial and investment plan and viability plan in order to be able to carry out the activity.
2. The autonomous activity must be of an innovative nature.
3. The applicant must accredit the following training:
3.1. 3.1. Official vocational training (from the education system or vocational training for employment) or university education (degree, master’s degree or university expert course) on subjects that are directly related to the business project.
3.2. 3.2. Training of not less than 70 hours in management, commercial or financial management or digital marketing, either because they have received training in these subjects or because their training already includes them.
• 5.000 € if the beneficiary is a man.
• 6.000 € if the beneficiary is a woman.
• 6.600 € if the beneficiary is a woman victim of gender-based violence.
Conditions for the granting of the subsidy:
• To have been registered in the Special Social Security Scheme for Self-Employed or Self-Employed Workers or in the Mutual Society of the corresponding professional association, as of 1 January 2024. The date of registration will be considered as the date of commencement of activity.
• To have remained unemployed while registered as a jobseeker with LABORA Valencian Employment and Training Service until the start of the activity. This requirement will not be considered to be fulfilled if registration takes place on the same day as the start of the self-employed activity.
• To be registered in the Census of taxpayers, in the tax on economic activities and in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers or in the corresponding professional association’s mutual society prior to the submission of the application.
• Not to have carried out the same or a similar activity as self-employed or self-employed workers in the six months prior to the start of the activity giving rise to the application for the subsidy
• To carry out the activity independently in the Valencian Community.
• Not having been a beneficiary either in 2022 or in 2023 of other subsidies from Labora Valencian Employment and Training Service for setting up as self-employed.
• The project must be innovative and meet the conditions of technical, economic and financial viability, which will require a report from any of the public or private entities included in the Map of entities of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Valencian Community, which includes the territorial pacts for employment and local development.
Obligations of the beneficiaries:
Maintain the self-employed activity and the registration in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers or equivalent for at least three years from the date of effect of the registration in this regime.
• Adequately publicise the public nature of the funding of the subsidised activity throughout the period of implementation of the aid (i.e. from the time the aid is granted until the documentation referred to in the following point is provided), including the logo of the Generalitat Valenciana in media such as posters, printed materials, electronic or audiovisual media and in any other means of advertising the subsidised activity.
• Provide, within one month of the end of the period of compulsory self-employed activity, a declaration on the standard form on publicity and transparency referred to in the previous section
Deadline for submitting the application: Until 31 July 2024
More information at the ADL EL VERGER
Tel. 966439551

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