Next April 20 will begin enrollment period for children born in 2021 and 2022, access to the municipal nursery school next school year 2023-2024.

The registration period will be from 20 to 28 of April by the Electronic Headquarters of the City Council. Subsequently and according to the data provided by the Department for the capacity of the classrooms, the list of admitted will be communicated.
Enrollments will be made through the electronic headquarters of the City Council (Catalog of Procedures / Nursery School Enrollment) with a Digital Certificate from one of the parents or guardian, where they must provide the following documentation:

– Registration application (mod.)
– Certificate of registration if you don’t live in El Verger.
– FULL photocopy of the family book.
– A photocopy of the health card and the blade vaccines.
– Photocopy number c / c for the receipts.
– Photocopy DNI father and mother.

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