The Municipal Library reminds users that they can continue to use its services and continue to enjoy reading, despite the state of alarm and the closing of the Municipal Library to the public.
Thanks to the electronic book loan platform “eBiblio Comunidad Valenciana”, all those who are users of the Electronic Network for Public Reading Valenciana can access the loan of electronic books.  For this, it is necessary to have an email on the library registration form.
Those interested in solving doubts, accessing the password change or registering in this service, can contact the person in charge of the Library, by phone 965751191 (from 10 am to 1 pm) or by email at the

What is eBiblio?

eBiblio Comunidad Valenciana is a service of the Valenciana Public Reading Electronic Network (NLPV) that makes it possible to read electronic books through the Internet.
eBiblio Comunidad Valenciana makes a technological platform available to citizens, which allows them to access the catalog and provide the main editorial novelties in digital format, so that they can be read on different devices: touch tablets, smartphones, personal computers or electronic book readers (e-readers).
The service is available at the following address:

All users with a book loan are reminded that all return dates have been automatically renewed until the end of the alarm state.

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