The City Council of El Verger has hired 7 people through the EMERGE, EMDONA and EXPLUS grants from the Consellería de Economía Sostenible, Sectores Productivos, Comercio y Trabajo through LABORA Servicio Valenciano de Ocupación y Formación.
In the ?????? program, four forestry laborers have been hired for 1 year starting August 1, 2022, with a subsidy of 67,773.42 euros, for the hiring of unemployed people to carry out actions provided for in emergency plans or procedures in the forestry area by local entities of the Valencian Community.
In the program ??????, two women have been hired as cleaners of public roads, having started last July 25 until May 31, 2023. This grant has an amount of 25,510.88 euros for the hiring of unemployed women, for the performance of works or services of general interest.
Finally, in the program ??????, a person has been hired as a first officer for 1 year starting last July 18, 2022, with a grant of 22,800.00 euros, for the temporary full-time hiring of unemployed people at least 30 years old by local entities of the Valencian Community (“Avalem experiència plus”).

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