The Board of Directors of the “Espai de Música Jove del Verger”, as the organising body of the 3rd Festive Music Composition Competition, has been assessing and studying all the circumstances affecting the holding of the second phase of the competition, which was scheduled for Saturday 16th May 2020. Thus, after consulting and reaching a consensus with all the entities sponsoring the prizes: “Federació Valenciana de Dolçainers i Tabaleters” (FVDiT), “Consell Moro i Cristià” del Verger and M.I. Ajuntament del Verger, we made the following decisions:

  1. The concert of the finalist works cannot be held on May 16th since the measures decreed by the government do not allow us to carry out cultural activities at that time.
  2. Taking into account the stages of de-climbing and whenever the authorities allow us, we commit ourselves to perform the concert of the finalist works before the end of 2020, in the best case in August in the open air and according to the conditions that will be imposed on us.
  3. In the event that the concert cannot be held throughout the year 2020 due to the evolution of the deconfinement phase, the organisation, taking into account base 16 of the Competition and understanding that the contestants have already carried out their work and having the right to know the final result, reserves the right
    1. To resolve the awards by means of the evaluation and decision of the technical jury, without the need to perform the concert of the finalist works and by carrying out an award ceremony (at a distance or in person) without a concert.
    2. Acquire the commitment to perform the winning works and also the selected and non-winning ones (always with the consent of the authors) in the first concert that can be held in 2021.
  4. With all this, we want to put on record that the principles on which our decisions are based are and always will be:
    1. Responsibility and protection in the face of the pandemic
    2. The economic and social factor, understanding that if the health conditions foreseen in the de-climbing are met and cultural activity is allowed, the rights of the competing authors must be preserved to know what the result of the contest is and also to stimulate a minimum of socio-cultural activity in our population.

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