ADL-AFIC EL VERGER reports on the direct granting of urgent aid from the Regional Ministry for the commercial sector to cover the expenses generated by Covid-19.
Eligible expenditure is considered to be current expenditure incurred by the commercial and craft sectors on products and services for Protection, prevention and hygiene measures necessary to ensure staff safety, as well as expenditure necessary for the implementation of local logistics services such as home delivery or the promotion of the digitalisation of commerce and the implementation of and access to online sales platforms, with a minimum expenditure of EUR 750.
In addition, the following investments will be considered eligible
– In equipment for the commercial establishment and implementation of secure online sales or integration of this in a secure online platform or integration of this in an e-commerce line.
– In computer applications and expenses for the creation of a web page linked to the establishment.
FROM JANUARY 1, 2020, FOR INVESTMENTS NOT RELATED TO COVID 19 with an approved investment that may not be less than 3,000 euros.

Related to the Covid-19 to ensure sanitary distance and adaptation of distance selling establishments, such as investments in screens, queue management systems, disinfection booths, cash change machines, disinfectant plates, thermometers, gel dispensers, self-payment systems, among others.
FROM MARCH 1, 2020 FOR COVID RELATED INVESTMENTS with an approved investment that cannot be less than 500 euros.

Beneficiaries may be individuals and commercial companies and similar described as SMEs or micro SMEs, which are not groups of natural or legal persons, public or private, or civil companies, or communities of property, or any other type of economic unit or separate assets without legal personality and who exercise or will exercise the commercial activity in the Comunitat Valenciana, in any of the activities specified in the order of the call.
The applications will be presented telematically at the electronic headquarters of the Generalitat and one application may be presented for each of the grants for which it is eligible.
The deadline for submitting applications will begin at 9:00 am on 15 June and end at 12:00 pm on 31 July 2020.

Tel. 966439551

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