The Department of Education of the Town Council of El Verger informs of the new drawing contest 2021 framed in the International Women’s Day (8M).
1.- Object of the competition: to reflect through the drawing that represents “8 March all year round”, in order to transform society into a better world.
2.- Theme and material to be presented: “8 March all year round”. Only one drawing per participant will be admitted with the following requirements:
It will be done by hand and there will be no volume. Free technique.
The drawing must be presented vertically on white cardboard DIN-A4 size.
3. Participants: All pupils from CEIP Segària, from first to sixth grade of primary school can participate and for those who are not from CEIP Segària, you must specify their name, age, corresponding school year and telephone number of the mother / father / guardian and bring the drawing to the school centre.
4.- Deadline: The deadline for submitting the drawings is March 5th at 14:00 h. and will be delivered to the tutor of each class.
5.- Jury: The jury will be made up of a member of the management team of CEIP Segària, an Equality technician and the Councillor for Education.
6.-Prize: There will be three prizes. There will be three sets of stationery valued at 50 €.
PRIZE 1: First and second year of primary school.
PRIZE 2: Third and fourth year of primary school.
PRIZE 3: Fifth and sixth year of primary school.
One of the winning prizes will also be the cover of the 8 March 2022 programme and poster.

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