Dear patients:
As you may know from the media, the Health Department will provide all patients with risk pathologies and those over 65 with masks through the pharmacies.
From the Health Centre, we would like to advise you to continue to stay at home to preserve your health and, therefore, not to go directly to the pharmacies to get your masks. To avoid travelling, thanks to the collaboration of the local pharmacies and the Town Councils of El Verger and Els Poblets, if you have a risk pathology or are over 65 years old, you only have to call the pharmacy you usually go to. From there, your SIP, telephone number and address will be recorded, and subsequently the masks will be delivered to your home by the Civil Protection. Three masks will be given per patient. These masks are automatically prescribed on your SIP card, so you do not have to go to your Health Centre or Clinic to get the prescription.
We would also like to remind you that having a mask does not justify leaving home, nor does it exempt you from maintaining basic hygiene measures, such as keeping a safe distance between people and frequently washing your hands.
There are enough masks for all the indicated patients. Please be patient throughout the booking and delivery process. There is no emergency and no one will be left without a mask.

Best regards,
Dr. Maria Jesus Torres
El Verger Health Centre and Els Poblets Clinic

Phones of local pharmacies:
Pharmacy Infantes (El Verger): 965750262
Pharmacy Ldo. Ricardo Baquero El Verger: 965750921
Pharmacy Els Poblets: 966474061 / 680805856

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