Last Friday, the Town Hall and the Local Police of El Verger organised an access control and surveillance system consisting of the Local Police of El Verger, Civil Protection personnel and personnel in charge of the market to protect the citizens, and at the same time enforce the security plan established for its opening and implementation in the de-escalation phase.
A hydrogel dispenser was placed at the entrances, which must be used before entering the shopping area. It is forbidden for customers to touch the food or products, which can only be handled by the vendors, and people waiting must keep a distance of 2 meters. In addition, the Local Police of El Verger reminds that all people who present symptoms compatible with COVID-19 must keep quarantine in their homes.
The Local Police throughout Friday verified that the sales stalls were separated by a transit route, and with a minimum distance between them of 6 meters, allowing a minimum separation of 2 meters between the sides, and in case the stall’s measures do not make it possible, the activity is restricted to only one vendor.
Vendors shall always use protective gloves and a mask, following the instructions and recommendations for hygiene against COVID-19. The distance of 2 metres between the sales point and the customers must be respected, and this distance will be suitably marked.
It is necessary to strictly comply with safety measures, use the established entrances and exits, respect the shifts and distances, and it is advisable to use the masks and leave the premises at the end of the purchase.

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